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Linda DuVal

Empty Beach
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Following the Civil War, there was a shortage of men for many jobs that they had traditionally done. Women entered the work force in new and sometimes unexpected ways. One of the jobs that women were hired to do was to be lighthouse keepers.

   This is the story of Amy Pritchard, widowed by the war and adrift in her grief, who takes a chance on a new life by becoming one of those keepers. 

   A violent storm changes her life in many ways with its unexpected consequences. As she weathers every adversity, she grows stronger, and begins to explore a new life, one she never could have imagined.

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"Loved The Lightkeeper! A fascinating story about the adventures of a female lighthouse keeper back in the 1860s, when female lightkeepers were most definitely not the norm. Times were hard, personal tragedy had befallen a young Civil War widow and she was determined to build a brand new life of her own. The Lightkeeper gives us a good dose of romance, adventure, hard times, and personal fulfillment. What a treat this was to read."

 - Susan Rust -

Praise & Reviews

“The Lightkeeper is a stunning debut novel. With grace and sensitivity, DuVal creates a main character so unforgettable we can’t help falling in love with her. Grieving over too many losses in her life, Amy Pritchard bravely takes a job as a lighthouse keeper, a position traditionally held by men. Determined to succeed, she forges ahead, through romance and heartbreak, with courage and resilience. This story will stay in your heart long after the final page."

- Maria Faulconer -

"The LightKeeper is atmospheric, bold, and absolutely charming. The reader is swept away into a fast-paced saga with humor, intrigue, brutal truths, and tenderness. In Amy Pritchard, DuVal has crafted an entirely captivating lead character: vulnerable but determined, and propelled by surprising strength and sheer grit. You can’t help but pull for her as she ekes out brave change, navigates the storms of life, and finds a place for herself in wholly uncharted waters.

- Marty Banks -

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About Linda DuVal

Linda DuVal holds a bachelor’s degree in English

and was an award-winning reporter, feature writer

and section editor at The Gazette in Colorado Springs for 32 years.  She is now a freelance writer. She lives in Colorado Springs with her husband, Rick.

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